If you could publish a book or magazine or comic about anything you wanted, what would it be about?

Well now you can! Tiny Zine Swap Shop opens up the self-publishing community to everyone, no matter their age, interest or ability! We want to see what you want to make!

Come check out the zines made by other makers! Let our Tiny Zine experts help you make your own Tiny Zine about whatever you want, self-publish a VERY limited run, and then Swap it for another zine in our Tiny Zine Swap Shop!

Walk away with your own original manuscript and an exciting new zine of your choice! Then be inspired, make more zines, make more copies of your zine and swap them with friends – the possibilities are endless!  


We can work with you to adapt the Swap Shop to a specific theme or concept – in the past we’ve curated the shelves for both music and space-specific events, with an interstellar response from all involved! 

Tiny Zine Swap Shop is hugely popular with all ages. We’ve got incredible zines created by makers aged 3 to 83, and all the generations in between

The Swap Shop shelves fit into any event, from living room birthday parties, to music festival marquees and massive halls

We provide the materials, the know-how and the enthusiasm to help any Tiny Zine maker create something they can be proud of. Once their Tiny Zines are on the Swap Shop shelves, everybody’s work is equally valuable and important – no matter how niche or obscure your Tiny Zine is, at some point someone will come along and it will be their absolute favourite thing! And then they’ll make a zine to swap for it!

If you’re interested in having a Tiny Zine Swap Shop at your event/organisation/party, get in touch!