If you could publish a book or magazine or comic about anything you wanted, what would it be about?

Well now you can! Tiny Zine Swap Shop opens up the self-publishing community to everyone, no matter their age, interest or ability! We want to see what you want to make!

Come check out the zines made by other makers! Let our Tiny Zine experts help you make your own Tiny Zine about whatever you want, self-publish a VERY limited run, and then Swap it for another zine in our Tiny Zine Swap Shop!

Walk away with your own original manuscript and an exciting new zine of your choice! Then be inspired, make more zines, make more copies of your zine and swap them with friends. Make this community even bigger!


Spread the love, the art, the information xxx


Music Festival setup at Doune The Rabbit Hole, living the outside marquee dream!

Tiny Zine Swap Shop is the perfect birthday party workshop – it could even be organised to your party theme!

The Swap Shop shelves fit into any event, and give everyone the freedom to make their very own Tiny Zine

Tiny Zine Swap Shop can adapt for any environment – we have set up in living rooms for birthday parties, in massive halls for Maker Faires and in marquees outside for music festivals.

We can work with you to adapt the Swap Shop to a specific theme or concept – in 2016 we created a space-specific Tiny Zine Swap Shop for Edinburgh International Festival, and stocked the shelves accordingly, with an interstellar response from all involved!