Meet some of the strangest animals that exist on our planet, and learn how biodiversity and adaptation helps them survive. Inspired by these weird creatures, design and make your very own monster from recycled materials.  Then we’ll help you capture a photograph of your monster in it’s natural habitat,  using our custom Monster Photobooth!

This is a rare opportunity to skip evolution entirely by designing the perfect creature for your chosen habitat, and then bringing it to life [sort of]!

Let our professional Monster Makers help you go from paper to monster, and then Monster’s First Modelling Job! All in the space of an hour and a half.

How will your Monster defend itself?
What will your monster eat?
Where will your Monster live?

Learning about biodiversity and habitat in a fun informal environment, that knowledge is instantly applied to a design task. Combining problem-solving, creative freedom and basic sewing/making skills, our participants come away with invigorated interest in the world around them, a wee soft monster pal, and a real sense of high-quality achievement from the photoshoot.