What lurks on the dark ocean floor? Investigate how creatures have adapted to these murky depths and the differences between bioluminescence and biofluorescence. Then, make your very own soft light-up deep-sea monster. Using sewable switches and electrical components, make your creature gleam and glow on the dimly-lit seafloor before capturing its luminous glory in our custom Monster Photo Booth!

This is a rare opportunity to skip evolution entirely by designing the perfect creature to survive beyond the midnight zone , and then bringing it to life [sort of]!

Let our professional Monster Makers teach you sew you how to sew your own circuits, and help you go from paper, to monster, and then Monster’s First Modelling Job! All in less than two hours!

Lights to lure potential prey

Amazing colours and patterns

Glowing eyes to confuse predators

Learning about the zones of the ocean, the creatures that live in them and how electricity works in a fun informal environment – that knowledge is instantly applied to a design task. Combining problem-solving, basic sewing/making skills and creating working electrical circuits, our participants come away with invigorated interest in the world around them, a wee soft monster pal, and a real sense of high-quality achievement from the photoshoot.