Learn how to code your own animations in this unique event.

You’ll get a sneak peek of the exciting new computer coding show we’re working on, and discover how Scratch code is used to create animations. Then it’s time to get hands-on as you complete a series of coding missions using original artwork and sounds from the show, before sitting back to enjoy a special screening of your work – bring your own popcorn!

This workshop is perfect for total beginners or those who want to further their knowledge.

We’ll help you step-by-step to create your own unique and original animation using Scratch

Solve the mysteries of the coding language and have an animating adventure with us!

A Coding Adventure Workshop! is an exciting and fun way to learn a bit about the Scratch coding language and what it’s possibilities are. The skies the limit, and you can also use our original art and sounds to make whatever you want after the workshop!

We can’t wait to see how you remix the party that we started!