Howling Mouse Workshop was created to make fun and exciting events for children aged 3 to 103

We believe that real joy and power lies in the act of creating things.

And these Tiny Powers can lead to Massive Changes.

We develop platforms, events and workshops that are accessible, inspiring and secretly educational [shhhh don’t tell anyone].

Fiona started Howling Mouse Workshop so that everybody could have fun and learn new things and make amazing stuff.

She like puppies with big paws and dancing and going on adventures.

Cailean [pronounced Cal-lun] is a musician, monster-maker, part-time physicist and full-time dreamer.

He likes riding his bike really fast, and building log houses.

Why Howling Mouse?!

The grasshopper mouse is a real animal, and kind of our hero.

It howls at the moon like a wolf [if a wolf had a tiny voicebox]. It is super small, and super cute and can fight, kill AND eat spiders and even scorpions larger than itself!

NEVER understimate a Howling Mouse, and we promise to never underestimate YOU.

To get in touch with any questions, ideas, potential collaborations or puppy pics:



instagram: howlingmouseworkshop

– are you starting to see a theme?! –